Friday, 29 May 2009

I wanna be your lover!

The thing I find most confusing about this whole thing is that, lyrically, they both seem to be singing about totally different things. Mr. Moustache seems to be describing some perilous journey to another planet where they are attacked by various creatures while Mr. Floppy Face sings about wanting to elevate a buddy status to a fuck buddy status.

Regardless, and I'm not sure if this is wrong of me, but I actually love this song.

My favourite bit is when he "makes contact" beep beep.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Fist Bumps All Round!

Oi you! Yeah, I thought you saw me. Hey, so look, we've got some news for you; we've only gone and gotten our podcast on bloody iTunes! I know what you're thinking, you're thinking, "That's cool guys, well done, but what the fucking hell does that have to do with me?!" Well hang on there pal and I'll tell you!

This means that you can now subscribe to the Speaking Volumez podcast so that your computer, with it's massive internet skills, will download our new podcasts automatically each time you open iTunes - which is a massive touch m8.

To subscribe just click this link right here:

Or if you're feeling adventurous go to the iTunes store and search for Speaking Volumez. It should come up under the podcasts section.

Thursday, 21 May 2009


Here for you, and only you, is a lovely little animated video. It's presented by Nike and is called Onwards. The brilliant illustration is by James Jarvis and the delightfully apt music is by Caribou. Don't worry if you can't hear anything at first, the music doesn't kick in until just after a minute.

Onwards from AKQA on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Technical Yikes!

Listen, I'm really sorry. I let you down. If you tried to download the podcast to your computer and found that the file you downloaded didn't work... it's my bad. I've fixed it now though. So try again and I promise you it will work. I know I need to re-gain your trust but have faith, it works now, honestly. You can even put it on your iPod/portable music player now!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Welcome to the Beginning!

Hello You!

Thanks for coming! Here it is, our very first podcast full of voices and music. I say full of voices,
there's only two, Paul's and mine, but by gosh is there a lot of hench music on there.

I do need to clarify a few things about the podcast, firstly the blog address I reel off during the show is FALSE (I done gotz it wrong) but you know that because you made it here. This page right here is the official address of our blog. Our e-mail is correct though, (always with an ironic Z) so get at us should you feel the need.

Right! Here we go, all you need to do is CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast, which clocks in at just over an hour long.

If you want to save it to your computer then right click it and "save link as". But I know I don't really need to tell you that you techno wiz kid!

Here's the tracklisting for Episode One:

1. Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks
2. Larytta - Bauch Amp
3. Fever Ray - I'm Not Done
4. Themselves feat. Passage - Puzzled
5. Duran Duran - Save a Prayer
6. Johnny Cash - Rusty Cage
7. Junior Boys - Work
8. Sufjan Stevens - You Are the Blood
9. DJ Vadim - R3 Imaginashun
10. Amadou & Mariam - Sabali

We hope you enjoy it very much!

P.S. As a little treat and as promised on the podcast here is the video for Fever Ray's "When I Grow Up"