Monday, 15 June 2009

Speaking Volumez Podcast EP3


Two weeks goes quickly, right? Here we are rolling up to your computer doorstep with episode three cradled in our arms already. This episode wanders through an ecclectic mix of 10 new songs which we hope you'll enjoy. Aside from the musical delights, we also have the usual chitter-chatterings; this week we cover some diverse topics which range from talk of painting cats' heads illuminous orange, to the moment when Bubble smashed his leg into a chair on Big Brother 2. Also, I accidentally use a Little Britian catchphrase and Paul has a mini-meltdown. Mental. There is also the perennial question to ask... who will be crowned this weeks "How Old is it Fella?" champion?!

All you have to do to be listening within seconds is CLICK HERE (remember you can right click and select "Save Link As" to save it to your computer) or go and fetch it from iTunes by clicking RIGHT HERE.

Here's the tracklisting for episode three:

1. TOBACCO Feat. Aesop Rock - Dirt
2. Terry Callier - Way Too Many
3. The Whitest Boy Alive - High on the Heels
4. James Grant - The Bay At The Nape of Your Neck
5. The Police - Message in a Bottle
6. Paul Simon - Homeless
7. Telepathe - Devil's Trident
8. Bastila - Ghosts
9. Bill Callahan - Jim Cain
10. Fukkk Offf - More Than Friends

Let us know what you think!

Lots of Love
Michael and Paul


This episode's Cheeky Treat is a video for The Whitest Boy Alive's song called Golden Cage.
The illustration is done by Geoff McFetridge. Have a peek.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A Wonderful Treat!

I've a wonderful little treat for you. You know that old band, The Beatles? Well aside from producing a plethora of amazing songs they also did a few films; the first of which was called A Hard Day's Night (like the song!) and I've found the film in it's entirety on dat fing called da youtube.

It's a genuinely charming and funny film which I hope you'll enjoy. It's in 9 parts on youtube and I've only posted up the first on here but the others are easy to find.

A couple of things to look out for:

1) George Harrison stacking hard in the first scene and John Lennon cracking up.
2) Ringo Starr's weird laugh at about 4 Minutes 20 Seconds.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Speaking Volumez Podcast EP2

Woahhhhhhhhh!!! Sorry we're late, but we just wanted so badly to get this right for you... and anyway, what's a few days between friends right? I knew you'd understand.

Right, where do we start?! We've got a load of lovely fresh new bits for you this week including a couple of brand flippin' new jingles which we've made especially for the podcast. Listen out for them! We also have 10 more amazing musical compositions for you to absorb with your ears. We have a celebrity endorsement - listen out for it! As well as all the usual irreverant banter.

Anyway, as usual CLICK HERE to listen, or right click and "save link as" to save it to your computer. Or... go and bloody subscribe in iTunes by clicking here!

Here's the track listing for episode two:

1. edIT -More Lazers
2. Bike for Three! - All There is to Say About Love
3. Bishop Allen - Oklahoma
4. Ratatat - Mirando
5. Andrew Bird - Tenuousness
6. Nina Simone - Sinner Man
7. A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation
8. Zeigeist - Humanitarianism
9. Marina and The Diamonds - Mowgli's Road
10. Animal Collective - My Girls

So there they all are, all those lovely songs.

Don't foget you can e-mail us at

Lots of Love
Michael and Paul.


Here's the video for this week which I lied about in the podcast, it's not a Bike for Three! video as promised, it's an equally sexy Andrew Bird video for a song called "Imitosis". Enjoy!