Sunday, 6 June 2010

Speaking Volumes Podcast EP11


Yeah, good. So shall we speak about Speaking Volumez Episode 11 briefly? Ok then. In this episode, like all the others, we've used our voices to project words out in an orderly fashion so as to slot into your ears in the most comfortable way possible (some ears will vary) and plugged the verbal leaks with some right old rockin' songs.

This week we've got a WHOLE NEW segment out of the cupboard, blown off the dust, and middled it on the mantle; it's called "Politics, yeah?" and is about the word "yeah".... PSYCH! It's about politics, and we have our outside political correspondent and good friend Dave Smith (man, charming, 20s) on the phone to really bloody nail this politics shit once and for all.

Amongst other chatterings we discuss what's been going on with this bloody ash cloud (topical!), guide you extensively through the World Cup, and hack our way through the dense thickets of the dream forest in a quite mental instalment of "Pillow Talk". To add to the bargain we've also scattered several brand new jingles over the top.

If you're new to this right click HERE and select "Save As..." to download it straight to your computer, or click HERE to go get it in iTunes.

Here's the tracklisting for episode 11:

1) Slugabed - Ultra Heat Treated
2) The Chap - We'll see to your breakdown
3) Shoes - Bored
4) Crystal Castles - Empathy
5) LCD Soundsystem - Dance yrself clean
6) Phil Collins - Sussudio
7) Jerry Rafferty- Baker Street
8) Rick James - Mary Jane
9) Mr Fogg - I Will Let You Down
10) The Consulate General - Half-Day Honeymoon
11) Cocorosie - Lemonade

Here's a little video treat for you to round off the deal. The song is called Quantum Leap by Slugabed...

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Speaking Volumes Podcast EP10

Erm.... HI.

It's been a while; almost 6 months of a while actually (that's half a year!). Regrettably, we got caught up in the lofty hedonism of the festive period of Christmas and birthdays and only recently regained enough composure to put a podcast together. Soz on that. There is some good news however - we're fully back now, and during the time we've been away, we've stumbled across some PHIT TUNES to play you.

Also, after impressing on his debut, Sam Eden (Sam-Box, Edofski, El Seed, The Garden) has become a fully fledged, full-time, permanent member of the Speaking Volumez Team upon completion of a rigorous hazing session conducted by Paul and Michael.

In episode ten we meander our way through various subjects with the precision of a dentist on crack; including Paul getting a thorough dream analysis, the futility of Neighbourhood watch and mental things we did when we were young.

As always, right click HERE and "Save Link As..." to download it, or get it on iTunes by clicking HERE.

Here's the track listing for episode 10:

1) Big Boi - Shutterbugg
2) Trentemøller - Sycamore Feeling (Trentemøller Remix)
3) FOALS - Spanish Sahara
4) Jonsi - Kolniður
5) We Have Band - Divisive
6) Villa Nah - Envelope
7) Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride
8) Kula Shaker - Govinda
9) Primary 1 - The Blues ft. Nina Persson
10) The Speaking Volumez Random Object Band - It's Over (for this episode)

We hope you develop a serious case of enjoyaritis!


Oh, here's the video for Spanish Sahara by FOALS too:

Monday, 9 November 2009

Speaking Volumez Podcast EP9

Woooahh! Episode 9 in da house/in your face! This episode we are joined by the ever charming Sam Eden for an expedition through the forest of good new music. We also induldge in a climb up banter mountain, during which we give Nick Griffin a thorough ribbing and discuss what Derren Brown is going to do next. Wicked chatz, yeah?

You know what to do by now, right click HERE and "Save Link As..." to download it, or get it on iTunes by clicking HERE.

The tracklisting for episode 9 is as follows:

1. Boys Noize - Kontact Me
2. Omnikrom - Comme à la Télévision
3. Thom Yorke - TheHollowEarth
4. Why? & Themselves - Canada
5. Tom Waits - Jesus Gonna Be Here
6. Traffic - Paper Sun
7. Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba - Torin Torin feat. Harouna Samake)
8. Achiteq - Birds of Prey
9. Panty Raid - Upset
10. Monsters of Folk - Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.)

And hey, while you're here, check out this great video for Comme à la Télévision by Omnikrom! Enjoy!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Interview With Why?

So, Why? are a wicked awesome band, that's established. But would you like to see them interviewed by a middle aged man who wears clothes that are way too young for him? Of course you would.

P.S. Why?'s new album Eskimo Snow is out now and I recommend it, like, loads.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

New Sufjan Stevens!

It's been way flippin' long since Sufjan Stevens breached public ears with new music, but alas, the wait is over. Recorded at a show in Ithaca, New York Sufjan debuted three new compositions, all, in my opinion, of hyper epic standard. Below you can watch the videos of Mr. Stevens performing them live, along with links to the downloadable MP3s of each song. Enjoy at your leisure.

Sufjan Stevens - "There's Too Much Love" (Live) MP3

Sufjan Stevens - "Age Of Adz" (Live) MP3

Sufjan Stevens - "Impossible Souls" (Live) MP3

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Speaking Volumez Podcast EP8

We feel disgusting. It's been so long. You've probably moved on, found other lovers, ripped up all the photos of us... but we're sorry, we want to make it right. We know it's going to take some time, but please, after all we've been through, just hear us out. We've got a brand new thingycast pod thing to show you, we hope it makes up for what we've put you through.

Ok, so if you wouldn't mind, just right click HERE and "Save Link As..." to download it, or get it on iTunes by clicking HERE.

Here's the tracklisting for episode eight:

1. HEALTH - Die Slow
2. Zoot Woman - Lonely By Your Side
3. Grizzly Bear - Deep Blue Sea
4. Jay-Z - On to the Next One (feat. Swizz Beatz)
5. Dean Martin - How Do You Like Your Eggs in the Morning?
6. Daniel Johnston - Casper the Friendly Ghost
7. The Black Keys - Psychotic Girl
8. Felix da Housecat - Do Not Try This At Home
9. Bullion - Are you the one?
10. Larytta - You Got Nothing (Lazersword Remix)

Have a little peep at this episode's video treat, it's a song by UNKLE feat. Thom Yorke called Rabbit In Your Headlights... and it's epic.

Unkle & Tom York (Radiohead) - Rabbit in your headlights from nimoff on Vimeo.

Much love,
Michael and Paul.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Speaking Volumez Podcast EP7


Before we get started, I have to get something off my chest; I love you. There, I said it.

Ok, I feel much lighter now. Back to business. EPISODE 7 IS RIGHT IN YOUR FACE! ALL UP IN YOUR GRILL! In the politest way possible of course. It's like exploding in your face but the explosion has expelled forth pillows, scented roses, thank yous, pleases, excuse mes and hat doffs, or some shit like that. Anyway, in this week's podcast we announce the winner of the Rolf Harris drawing competition (you can check out the entries on our facebook group SPEAKING VOLUMEZ), play some hectic beats, and discuss statistics and probability. Sounds fun, doesn't it? FUCH JA ICH DOES! Bruno impressions are cool right? Please say yes...

Alas, right click HERE and "Save Link As..." to download it, or get it on iTunes by clicking HERE.

Here's the tracklisting for episode seven:

1. CLP feat Kovas - Dip Shorty
2. Jay-Z - Can't Cheat Death
3. Fat Freddy's Drop - Pull The Catch
4. Gold Panda - Quitter's Raga
5. The Kinks - All Day and All Night
6. The Rolling Stones - Paint it Black
7. MF Doom - Gazillion Ear (Thom Yorke Remix)
8. Hook and the Twin - Bang Bang Cherry
9. Simian Mobile Disco - Cruel Intentions
10. Radiohead - Harry Patch (In Memory of)

Have a look at this video for Audacity of Huge by Simian Mobile Disco too. It's off the wicked, yeah?!

Hugs, hugs, hugs.

Michael and Paul.