Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Interview With Why?

So, Why? are a wicked awesome band, that's established. But would you like to see them interviewed by a middle aged man who wears clothes that are way too young for him? Of course you would.

P.S. Why?'s new album Eskimo Snow is out now and I recommend it, like, loads.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

New Sufjan Stevens!

It's been way flippin' long since Sufjan Stevens breached public ears with new music, but alas, the wait is over. Recorded at a show in Ithaca, New York Sufjan debuted three new compositions, all, in my opinion, of hyper epic standard. Below you can watch the videos of Mr. Stevens performing them live, along with links to the downloadable MP3s of each song. Enjoy at your leisure.

Sufjan Stevens - "There's Too Much Love" (Live) MP3

Sufjan Stevens - "Age Of Adz" (Live) MP3

Sufjan Stevens - "Impossible Souls" (Live) MP3